onshore development

american corporate identity
award winner

provider of software products and services to the higher education market.


splitting into 2 separate companies, onshore inc. focused on systems integration and onshore development focused on software development. needing their own identity and not to be confused with each other, the concept behind the new mark uses a bitmapped typeface to portray the software development side and the oval projects they are in a continuous development of new and innovative products. with multi-platform branding efforts needed, our team also developed a mark for their software, a sales brochure, tradeshow exhibition and website designs. through the use of the same colors and typography, the webcheckout mark portrays how the web-based software works. onshore development needed to increase their exposure and awareness of the software package to the higher education market. the challenge was to develop a brochure and website that promotes the webcheckout product and benefits. through the use of the new brand identity standards, all marketing efforts help strengthen the brand of onshore development.